Lightweight Cryptography Primitives
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCaead_cipher_tMeta-information about an AEAD cipher
oCaead_hash_algorithm_tMeta-information about a hash algorithm that is related to an AEAD
oCaes_key_schedule_tStructure of the key schedule for AES
oCascon_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from ASCON-HKDF
oCascon_masked_key_x2_tStructure of an ASCON key that has been masked with 2 shares
oCascon_masked_state_x2_tStructure of the internal state of the masked ASCON permutation with two shares
oCascon_permutation_state_tStructure of the internal state of the ASCON permutation
oCascon_prng_state_tState information for an ASCON-based PRNG
oCascon_state_tStructure of the internal state of the ASCON permutation
oCascon_xof_state_tState information for ASCON-XOF and ASCON-XOFA incremental modes
oCblake2s_state_tStructure of the BLAKE2s hash state
oCchacha20_state_tStructure of the ChaCha20 state as both an array of words and an array of bytes
oCelephant_prng_state_tState information for an Elephant-based PRNG
oCesch_256_hash_state_tState information for the Esch256 incremental hash mode and the XOEsch256 increment XOF mode
oCesch_256_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from Esch256-HKDF
oCesch_384_hash_state_tState information for the Esch384 incremental hash mod ande the XOEsch384 increment XOF mode
oCesch_384_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from Esch384-HKDF
oCgf128_value_tRepresentation of a value in the GF(2^128) field
oCghash_state_tState information for GHASH
oCgift128_key_schedule_tStructure of an expanded GIFT-128 key schedule
oCgift128b_key_schedule_tStructure of the key schedule for GIFT-128 (bit-sliced)
oCgift128b_masked_key_schedule_tStructure of the key schedule for masked GIFT-128 (bit-sliced)
oCgift_cofb_block_tStructure of a 128-bit block in host byte order
oCgift_cofb_l_tStructure of an L value
oCgift_cofb_masked_block_tStructure of a masked 128-bit block in host byte order
oCgift_cofb_masked_l_tStructure of an L value
oCgift_prng_state_tState information for a GIFT-128-based PRNG
oCgrain128_compact_state_tCompact form of the Grain-128 state
oCgrain128_state_tRepresentation of the state of Grain-128
oCgrain_prng_state_tState information for a Grain-128 based PRNG
oCisap_ascon_128_key_tPre-computed key information for ISAP-A-128
oCisap_ascon_128a_key_tPre-computed key information for ISAP-A-128A
oCisap_keccak_128_key_tPre-computed key information for ISAP-K-128
oCisap_keccak_128a_key_tPre-computed key information for ISAP-K-128A
oCkeccakp_200_state_tStructure of the internal state of the Keccak-p[200] permutation
oCkeccakp_400_state_tStructure of the internal state of the Keccak-p[400] permutation
oCmask_x2_uint16_tMasked 16-bit word with two shares
oCmask_x2_uint32_tMasked 32-bit word with two shares
oCmask_x2_uint64_tMasked 64-bit word with two shares
oCmask_x3_uint16_tMasked 16-bit word with three shares
oCmask_x3_uint32_tMasked 32-bit word with three shares
oCmask_x3_uint64_tMasked 64-bit word with three shares
oCmask_x4_uint16_tMasked 16-bit word with four shares
oCmask_x4_uint32_tMasked 32-bit word with four shares
oCmask_x4_uint64_tMasked 64-bit word with four shares
oCmask_x5_uint16_tMasked 16-bit word with five shares
oCmask_x5_uint32_tMasked 32-bit word with five shares
oCmask_x5_uint64_tMasked 64-bit word with five shares
oCmask_x6_uint16_tMasked 16-bit word with six shares
oCmask_x6_uint32_tMasked 32-bit word with six shares
oCmask_x6_uint64_tMasked 64-bit word with six shares
oCphoton256_state_tStructure of the internal state of the PHOTON-256 permutation
oCphoton_beetle_hash_state_tState information for the PHOTON-Beetle-HASH incremental mode
oCphoton_beetle_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from PHOTON-Beetle-HKDF
oCphoton_beetle_prng_state_tState information for a PHOTON-256 based PRNG
oCpoly1305_state_tState information for Poly1305
oCromulus_hash_state_tState information for Romulus-H incremental modes
oCromulus_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from Romulus-HKDF
oCromulus_prng_state_tState information for a Romulus-based PRNG
oCromulus_xof_state_tState information for Romulus-H XOF mode
oCsha256_state_tState for SHA256 incremental mode
oCskinny_128_384_plus_key_schedule_tStructure of an expanded SKINNY-128-384+ key schedule
oCskinny_plus_key_schedule_tStructure of the key schedule for SKINNY-128-384+
oCsparkle_prng_state_tState information for a SPARKLE-based PRNG
oCspongent160_state_tStructure of the internal state of the Spongent-pi[160] permutation
oCspongent176_state_tStructure of the internal state of the Spongent-pi[176] permutation
oCtiny_jambu_state_tTinyJAMBU permutation state
oCtinyjambu_prng_state_tState information for a TinyJAMBU-based PRNG
oCxoodoo_state_tState information for the Xoodoo permutation
oCxoodyak_hash_state_tState information for Xoodyak incremental hashing modes
oCxoodyak_hkdf_state_tState for incremental generation of key material from Xoodyak-HKDF
\Cxoodyak_prng_state_tState information for a Xoodoo-based PRNG