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Alternative 13 volt power supplies

This page describes alternative designs for the 13 volt VPP power supply that have been contributed by members of the community.


Giuseppe Musciacchio contributed the following circuit based on a MAX629 DC-DC Converter (datasheet) that can be powered directly from the Arduino's 5V supply rail:


This MAX629 can output up to 28V, so use a multimeter on the output and adjust the 220K trimpot for 13V before connecting it to the rest of the PIC programmer circuit. According to the datasheet, a MBR0530L diode can be used in place of the 1N5819 diode.


Valter Fukuoka contributed another 5V-powered circuit based on a MC34063 DC-to-DC Converter (or the equivalent part NJM2360):


For finer control of the output voltage, R1 can be replaced with two resistors and a trimpot in series to exactly select the desired VPP value:


The following breadboard layout was created by Valter which shows the position of the components, including the adjustment trimpot: